As part of our multi-utility service offering, IBOS performs installation, termination and testing of a wide variety of networking infrastructure, including copper and optical fibre cabling systems. We are able to offer solution for both LAN (Local Area Network) and PON (Passive Optical Network).

Our portfolio includes a multitude of projects such as road excavations, concrete works, culverts, reinstatement of road surfaces, trenching, equipment plinths, as well as drainage and duct work. Our operatives are fully qualified in the operation of a wide range of plant and machinery and adhere to the Road Works Legislation.

IBOS is involved in the laying of cables and pipes on a variety of projects, with the skills and technical ability to provide excavation services, cable and pipe lay, backfill and all forms of reinstatement either within public highways or private ground.

Our team has the capability to carry out all Low Voltage work - from street lighting to single or multiple service connections, both commercial and domestic. With the dangerous nature of this work, all of our operatives ensure each job is thoroughly evaluated for any potential risk. Our Team goes through the mandatory OSH requirement from authorized body.

We offer:
  • Delivering of equipment for structured cabling system
  • Installation of fibre optic cabling (single & multi-mode) inclusive splicing and termination
  • Installation of fibre optic cabling for underground & overhead (aerial) - (fttn,fttc,fftb,fftp)
  • Installation of fibre optic cabling for home pass connection (ftth)
  • Installation of fibre optic cabling for antennas/towers (ftta)
  • Installation of Co axial cable for underground & overhead connection
  • Installation of UTP Cat5e & Cat6 for data, voice & video streaming
  • Installation of STP cables
  • Installation of screen cables
  • Civil work support – Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) , Open and Micro Trenching Works

One of our principal services is offering system integration and installation. We have the right skills and aptitude in completing any system that needs to be integrated resulting from continuing experience in executing such work throughout the time. We are able to integrate and install to key sources like building solution, power sources and microwave solutions.

We cater for projects involving wireless networking to transport Ethernet data, video and voice services. We have the know-how and are able to provide relevant expertise to complete test and commissioning full microwave solutions.

We offer:
  • Wireless Networking Integration and Installation
  • Installation of Optical Line Terminal, Optical Distribution Frame and Rectifiers
  • Installation of Enclosures, Splitters, Nodes and Amplifiers
  • Installation of BTS antenna& roof top installation
  • Installation of Cable Trunking System
  • In building Coverage (IBC) installation & commissioning
  • New tower installation and existing tower reinforcement
  • Design and Implementation of Microwave (MV) Links
  • Base Station Equipment Installation and Commissioning
  • Network Optimisation and Maintenance
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Related Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Works

We provide Extra Low Voltage (ELV) system solution in design, product supply, installation, application, testing & commissioning, service & maintenance for all market sectors covering from office buildings to high risk fields such as Power Plants and Towers.

We offer:
  • CCTV system (security surveillance)
  • Security Access Control System
  • Digital Public Address System
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Parking & Barrier System
  • Intercom Audio & Video System
  • General ELV Accessories
  • Related Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works

Integrating technology and energy is the cutting-edge mode among all sectors. At this competitive time, customizing and branding of products and services is the ultimate way to gain pre-eminence. In realizing this aspiration, the implementation and management of those tailored modifications often require the complement of customized software engineered specifically to maintain confluence in the daily processes that support those changes. We offer software development and database engineering services designed specifically to meet those needs.

We develop in various platforms and implement innovative technologies such as web app development technology, mobile app development, GPS and SMS interfacing to name a few. Efficient work and compatibly with technology saves energy, connect buildings and individuals, and provide mobility. And this is the solution we offer for a smart high profile lifestyle.

We offer:
  • Network and Data Security Solutions
  • Digital lifestyle using triple play for voice, broadband and multimedia solutions
  • IP based Security
  • Intelligent CCTV (Hi-Res, Megapixel, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition),
  • Green Building applications,
  • Smart Building & Home Automation.